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Cubop Records Gold IRAWelcome to Cubop Records. We are the authority on gold IRA and  investing in gold  and we have been gathering information about the workings and benefits of gold backed IRA’s for some time now and the purpose of this site is to share that information with you and to answer any questions that you may have about gold IRA investing and other precious metal investments. Watch the video below for more compelling reasons why you should use your IRA to invest in gold:







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Why Gold IRA?


Including gold in your retirement plan is a smart thing to do and here we will take you step by step through how it all works and why you should do it. You can read gold IRA reviews and learn more about gold IRA companies. We hope that this web site will be able to answer all of your questions but if you should find that you have an unanswered question then just contact us here.


You have probably received advice from a lot of people telling you to invest in your retirement and this is sound advice. Depending upon your age now, if you are relying on the State to look after you in your retirement years then you may be very disappointed. There have been many rumors concerning this and nobody would be surprised if there was next to nothing available to them from the government once they had reached retirement age. Like all things in life, it is better to take care of your own future today rather than leave this to somebody else.


If you speak with financial advisers they will tell you to spread the risk by investing in different financial vehicles. The traditional IRA will be recommended and rightly so but are you aware that you can create an IRA that includes real gold (gold in IRA)? Well you can and you can go here and do it now! You can also add gold to your current IRA which will increase its value and should help with the overall stability of the IRA.


Why Buy Gold?



To put it simply, gold offers you one of the best investments that you can make for your financial future. The main reason for this is that gold is not subject to the same market fluctuations as other investments would be. In 1971 the US government abandoned the “Gold Standard” and since then gold has totally outperformed real estate, currencies and the stock market on a very consistent basis.


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How Do I Buy Gold?


You will need a gold custodian in order to purchase gold. All transactions will be handled by the custodian and when the time is right they will convert all paper certificates into real gold. You can purchase gold through your custodian in two ways:


Gold Certificates


Here you will own a percentage of a gold company and the gold certificates are legal document which confirm this. These can be converted into physical gold which is then sent to you to hold.


Physical Gold


You have the option to purchase physical gold which will be stored in a repository operated by the government. The gold is shipped to you once you reach the age of retirement.


It may seem that the purchase of gold is complicated but this is not the case. It is a simple transaction to acquire gold for your IRA. It just requires you to include gold as part of your investment portfolio and choose the right custodian to make the transactions for you.

The Best Way To Rollover Your IRA To Gold


Investing can be difficult for the novice and managing your IRA can seem a daunting task. It is a good idea to diversify your investments and not rely solely on the stock market for returns. The stock market is particularly volatile at the moment and is unlikely to change much in the coming years so rolling over some or all of your IRA to god is a good idea. By using gold you will be protecting your retirement investment from inflation and the volatile stock market.


Most people know that a gold IRA investment is a good idea but most have no idea about how to do this. Their are different types of accounts and you may want to go for a gold Roth IRA. Whatever gold IRA account you choose, you can find the best gold IRA here. This web site is designed to help you with this. There are a growing number of companies that can help you convert your IRA to gold but you need to know that not all of these companies are created equal. This means that the service levels vary greatly and some companies could even be described as a risk.

How We Can Help


We have extensively reviewed many different gold IRA companies so we can advise you on the best company to choose for your gold IRA rollover. Also they will help you to understand the process by which you will be able to make the best decisions to turn your IRA into a good investment plan that can be liquidated easily and is very accessible. First you need to understand how the gold IRA rollover process works.

What Is An IRA And How Can You Buy Gold With It?


IRA stands for “individual retirement account” which come with a number of tax advantages. There are different types of IRA’s which have an impact on when amounts can be withdrawn, yearly contribution limits and many other factors. An IRA can be used in conjunction with a 401k. You need to fully understand the gold IRA rules so that you are not hit with any tax penalties.


You can purchase gold through your IRA if the custodian of the IRA can make these transactions for you. Alternatively you can have a self directed IRA account where you can decide to invest some of your money into the purchase of gold. It is essential that the gold purchased meets the purity and refinement standards. Having a self directed IRA is the best way to purchase gold.


When you purchase gold through an IRA the gold is not shipped to you. The reason for this is that it would be considered as a disbursement of the IRA and you would then be subject to penalties.  After purchasing the gold it is delivered to a depository which is chosen by the custodian of your gold IRA. When your gold is in the depository you will be informed and this gold will never be removed from the depository or used by anybody else other than you.


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Which Gold Should You Buy?


You need to go with a company that will take you through the process of buying gold. A lot of companies will not help you in this way and are really only “order takers” who will set up the transaction for you. Unless you are totally sure of how to invest in gold, these companies should be avoided.  The companies that will help you make the decision as to what coins to buy that will provide the best return on your investment should only be considered.


Always remember that your IRA represents your future and you should take great care with it. You need to select a company that is going to put your interests first.



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