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Why Buying Gold Is A Very Good Decision


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As we grow, financial security is something that we normally hear from parents, teachers and basically anyone around us. We also see people trying to be wealthier and for most people investing is ingrained in their minds from a tender age as the best way to attain wealth. There are so many investments in the world and keeping track is difficult for most people. Common investments include real estate, oil business and stocks. One Other investment that is rarely known about yet has superior benefits is gold. Many might ask why buy gold while they can deal with other currencies easily. Well here are some good reasons for buying gold coins.



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Diversify Your Investment Portfolio With Gold


First is for diversification of one’s investment portfolio. One should aim to have a percentage of gold as part of their wealth. This offers security to an investment as gold always regulates its price and it doesn’t change as randomly and quickly as other assets meaning when other investments give you a raw deal, you will still have your gold to fall back on.


Buying gold allows you to personally control all its transactions as you posses it physically. You can buy gold coins, buy gold bars or buy gold bullion. Having some of you money in the form of gold also keeps away money tailing institutions who can be nosey and disturbing at times. Gold affords you the much needed privacy in your money and insures you from all manners of market uncertainties. For those who have overspending tendencies, gold is the perfect investment as it’s not as liquid as other currencies meaning you have to budget before spending and therefore you make more sensible purchases unlike someone whose cash is at beck and call may be in the form of credit.


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Gold Has Huge Value


Compared to other currencies or investments, Gold has huge value and this has been the case since humans came to be. Its value is not dependent on economic activity however it is impacted by politics and the policies that are formed. Also about 99% of currencies all over the world are fiat meaning they are used based on faith not real value. The value of these currencies is declared by the government and what they say is final but gold’s value is real and measurable and the chances of it failing are close to none.


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Gold Value More Stable

Another great reason is that the price of gold is unlikely to fall. Since most of it is priced around the average cost of production and just below the margin cost of production. From around 2001 when the price of gold started to increase, production has obviously also increased and so has the production cost. The production cost is skyrocketing past the set/average cost and this means that many producers won’t be able to keep up unless cheaper production methods are found. Despite this the demand for gold is forever increasing meaning its price will only go higher and lucky will be those who have already invested in it.


Gold Lasts For Ever

Lastly but not least, buying gold gives you permanent insurance as it lasts forever as it’s timeless. Aside from monetary value, it’s also beautiful and brilliant and just looking and holding it gives much pleasure. As you buy gold, remember to look for trustworthy dealers and read to increase your knowledge.


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