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Deciding to buy gold in IRA in a bid to secure your saving’s value is always a very good step. But, you have a more challenging decision waiting for you. You need to choose from the best of the IRA companies. Otherwise, the value of your gold IRA savings will not be high enough to gain recognition on the market. It is important to bear in mind the fact that the search for the best IRA companies that deal in gold and have the potential to sell you the highest valued gold assets is not always easy. Since the number of gold dealers has continued to soar, it is becoming increasingly challenging for any person to lay one’s hands on gold assets of the required value. If you tried to do it on your own, you will get overwhelmed by the number of gold dealers that are available on the market.


best gold ira companies


The tedious process of singling out the best gold dealers may even cause you to choose the worst dealer. In view of this, the following gold IRA reviews are meant for you. They are high profile reviews of the best gold IRA companies that are present on the market. The reviews are based on the information related to the gold IRA companies that are based in the United States. Although the reviews are based on the 5 top gold companies, the information will eventually reveal the best gold IRA Company. After the reviews are complete, the following key will be used to choose the best firm; customer reputation, care for customers, products sold, prices offered and time frame in the business.



Merit Gold Silver


merit gold silverTo start with, Merit Gold Silver will be considered first. This company is also known as Merit Financial Services. This firm was founded in 1986 and it is one of the most famous gold backed IRA companies that are present on the market. Due to its long term presence in the industry, Merit Gold Silver has managed to earn an A+ as its BBB rating. Over the years, this firm has been able to earn itself more than 500 reviews from a variety of customers on TrustLink. Despite these glorious achievements, the firm has been associated with a good number of complaints. In just over three years, more than 60 customers have filed complaints against the firm. Apart from this, Merit Gold Silver does not offer any of its customers an option to engage in online sales. When dealing with this firm, it is advisable to bear in mind the fact that discounts are not available. All the product deliveries take a long time and shipping of small orders is very expensive.


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Lexi Capital


lexi capitalUnlike the two companies indicated above, Lexi Capital recently emerged on to the scene. The year 2010 marked the dawn of this seemingly famous IRA firm. Since this firm has only been around for a short period of time, not much activity can be reported about it. However, Lexi Capital has been associated with one review on Trustlink. Its BBB rating is A- and only one complaint has been lodged against it since it came on board. If you want to choose Lexi Capital, you have to bear in mind the fact that the firm has not been around for any length of time. Therefore, it lacks the much needed experience to provide its customers with the best services.


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Capital Gold Group, Inc.


capital gold groupUnlike the preceding firm, Capital Gold Group has a very good track record. Since it deserves a place on this list of the top 5 best gold IRA companies, it is worth considering. It has an amazing BBB rating of A + and an amazing amount of experience. In the last three years, the firm has been associated with just a little more than 16 complaints. Despite the number of complaints against the firm, Trustlink has given Capital Gold Group an A+ rating due to its 121 reviews. But, you must remember two or more important things. This firm has been associated with management fees and various miscommunications over the type of coins ordered.


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Regal Assets, LLC


regal assetsThis is the number one gold IRA firm. With a BBB rating of A + and more than 170 reviews, this firm’s services remain unparalleled. Trustlink has given Regal Assets a 5 star rating based on the credentials indicated above. Over the last three years, Regal Assets has only been associated with a maximum of two complaints. This firm stands out because it meets the conditions of the key that has been indicated above. To start with, it has a remarkable reputation among all the customers in the industry, whether they opened a new account or went for a gold IRA rollover. This is reflected by a small number of complaints by customers. In addition to this, Regal Assets has a unique experience in as far as the offering of high quality services is concerned. The prices are quite competitive and the customer care on a 24/7 basis whose quality cannot be compared to any other. Regal Assets services have been admired by many people including celebrities from all over the world. Based on the credentials that have been indicated above, Regal Assets is the only gold IRA firm that is worth dealing with.


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