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The Most In Depth Regal Assets Review


regal assetsIn this review you will learn things about the Regal Assets company that you will not find in most of the other Regal Assets reviews. The company has been built around the solid foundation of customer service and that is why it holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance but more of this later.




Fastest Shipping Services


When someone makes a purchase of precious metals from Regal Assets (either as a normal purchase or for their retirement account) they can expect to receive one of the fastest shipping services in the business. In fact the company has a target to get all precious metal IRA purchases into a client’s possession within 7 business days of the funds being received into the account. They meet this target very often. Most of the other companies in this market will take over 30 days to deliver and for retirement accounts this can take up to 90 days. On the rare occasions that they do not deliver within 7 business days they will provide the client with a free 1 oz. Silver American Eagle. Watch this video to fine out why Regal Assets are the best:





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All Orders Electronically Processed



All orders are electronically processed with Regal Assets so your order will never get lost. When it is time to ship the metals to the client they will be provided with a tracking number so that the delivery can be tracked right to their front door. All orders are insured and sent very discreetly. Until the metals are signed for by the client or confirmed as in storage, Regal Assets takes full responsibility for them. Doing everything electronically has other benefits and helps to eliminate a lot of issues that our competitors will run into. As an example, they can open a new self directed IRA account within 24 business hours of receiving an application form. Others will take from 5 to 7 business days to do the same thing. Learn more about Regal Assets here.



Fastest Custodian Transfer



When it comes to transferring funds from a custodian, Regal Assets has a target of 48 business hours for this and they typically deliver on this. Other companies will take around 5 to 7 business days to open a new IRA account. Regal Assets will usually transfer the requested funds from a custodian in 48 business hours where the competition will take 30 days or in some cases up to 90 days to do this.



Fees Waived For The First Year



For the first year Regal Assets will cover all of the fees due for a client retirement account and this includes setup fees, storage fees, delivery of metals costs and administration fees. This provides an average saving of $700 and most of the competition will make the client pay this amount.



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Fast Shipment To Brinks Storage



Once the precious metal prices are locked and the position funded Regal Assets will typically ship to Brinks within 7 business days. They are the only company to do this. The competitors will take over 30 days to do this and in some cases up to 90 days to make the shipment.




You Are Never Alone



We have found that with Regal Assets you are never alone. Many other companies will let you buy gold from them but then you are on your own. From the first time you contact them Regal Assets will take an interest in your requirements and will want to help you make the best decisions for your future. They are always willing to take an active role in the management of your precious metals IRA account.



A First Class Reputation



After extensively researching all of the gold IRA companies and the best IRA companies in the market we are yet to find one that has such an impeccable reputation in this industry. This applies whether you want a gold or silver IRA account. It is almost flawless and they boast the following ratings with major agencies:


better business burea



Better Business Bureau (BBB) – A+


business consumer alliance



Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) – AAA





Trust Link – 5/5





Yelp – 5/5



We have spent a long time researching for this Regal Assets review and we tried to find some bad things to say about the company but we honestly could not find anything significant. We do not believe in the “perfect company” but we do believe that this one tries harder than everyone else. Investing in gold can be a daunting prospect as you are entrusting a lot of money to a gold IRA custodian and you want them to do the best job that they can for you. That is why we have taken this review very seriously as we do not want to ruin our reputation and provide you with bad advice.



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Recent Customer Testimonials


But don’t take our word for it… here are some of the most recent customer testimonials:


5/15/14 – Regal Assets, LLC and setting up a Gold IRA. Not knowing much about the Gold IRA industry but wanting to move some of my investments out of American dollars I saw where Regal Assets, LLC was rated very high. I left a message on the weekend and on Monday morning, Collin Plume, called me. I also was working with another Gold IRA company at that time. Collin took the time and in detail explained the industry and costs of setting up a Gold IRA. I found out that Regal Assets, LLC was by far the better company and would save me both on the setting up and yearly managing of my IRA. I would highly recommend Regal Assets, LLC and Colin Plume and plan to do additional business in the future. Thank you!

Robert G.

5/15/14 – Perfection in Service Charles Thorngren and associates provided us this very prompt and knowledgeable Service. We appreciate his straight forward and impressive knowledge of the gold/bullion business. A Five Star performance from him and his crew.

William E. J.

5/15/14 – Regal Assets Family Approach to Business Christian Howard and Jeannette Compton made a difficult process simple for me. They went above what I would expect from a company – even emailing shipping labels for FREE to help me clean up my 401K, 403B, and old pension accounts. When they contact you by phone or email, they treat you like “FAMILY” and make sure all your needs are taken care of. Thank you Christian and Jeannette for the great service and looking forward to working with you in the future.

Paul D.

You can see some of the hundreds of testimonials that they have received here:






Reasons Why You Should Trust Regal Assets With Your Gold Investment



As a conclusion to this Regal Assets review I want to summarize why you should go to Regal Assets for all of your gold investing and precious metals IRA investing and why they offer the best IRA accounts:



They have built their business on the foundation of impeccable customer service


They are experts in the field of gold and other precious metals investment


They have an almost perfect reputation


They will take the time to understand your needs and create the right package for you


They are in touch with precious metal trends and will advise you on the most profitable options


When it comes to IRA rollovers they will ensure that you are given the best advice and avoid tax penalties




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